Wet Cleaning, Shirts & Laundry
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Business Shirts Service

Few people have the time to wash and iron shirts, so let us take care of them. Using state-of-the-art Electrolux washers and dryers with automated soap dosing equipment we can achieve great results with even the grubbiest shirt. Coupled with automated shirt finishing equipment the need to iron shirts is a distant memory. Please note that a "Business Shirt" is considered a basic cotton shirt, generally of a farily standard cut or sizing, which allows them to be finished on automated equipment, and includes women's cotton business shirts.


Wet-cleaning service

Even if your clothing care label says “Do not dry clean” Deluxe can still take care of even the most delicate items with its range of wet-cleaning options. The delicate wash cycles on our Electrolux washers simulate a hand-wash, using a high water level and minimal agitation. Combined with fabric softeners and soaps for delicate fabrics, even silks are easily washed. The key to goopd results for wet-cleaning is in the finishing as lots of steam and relaxation is required to restore the lustre of fabrics after washing. Our finihsing equipment and experienced staff are more than capable.

Houeshold laundry & bedding

Deluxe can also take care of the table-linen and bed linen for your home.

Corporate Laundry

We offer a range of corporate laundry services for items like table-linen, napkins, and tea towels. Pikcup and del;ivery is available. Call (03) 9689 3580 or enquire here for more information.