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How Often Should You Clean Your Doona?

Before you get too excited and chuck your doona straight in the washing machine, take a good look at the manufacturer’s label. Depending on the type material your doona is made of will determine how to effectively and safely clean the doona and maintain its longevity.
Taking your doona to the dry cleaners isn’t just the easiest method, but you’ll also get the best result.

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Should You Wash Or Dry Clean A Quilt?

Even though quilts are considered to be delicate and things can go wrong if washed incorrectly that doesn’t mean you should completely avoid washing them altogether. This is especially true if you carry your quilt around the house. How often you need to wash your quilt depends on whether you’re using a top sheet. If you’re guilty of skipping the top sheet when making your bed, your quilt will need to be washed more frequently.

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Does Dry Cleaning Remove A Permanent Marker?

A permanent marker stain falls under the dye category, which unfortunately are one of the trickier stains to remove. While dry cleaners aren’t miracle workers, they’re your best shot at removing permanent marker stains. They’ll look at the whole picture: the type of marker, the fabric, how long the stain has been there and if there’s been any previous removal attempts. Basically, it’s a real science and they’ll use every trick up their sleave.

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Can Dry Cleaning Remove Coffee Stains?

A coffee stain falls under the tannin stain category which are among the most common. If you’ve stained your clothes, you simply can’t compete with a dry cleaning service. They use state-of-the-art equipment, the highest strength products and are highly skilled industry professionals with a wealth of knowledge. Using dry cleaners take all the hassle and confusion out of removing a stain, plus, they’re best shot you’ve got to getting your garments looking fresh once again.

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What Kind Of Clothes Need Dry Cleaning?

Just by looking at silk you can see it’s a delicate material and requires the utmost care. Washing silk, particularly a darker shade, you can run the risk of the colour bleeding and damaging your other clothes. Dry cleaning a suit will ensure your suit gets a thorough, yet gentle clean and it won’t lose its shape.

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Can Dry Cleaners Do Both Laundry And Ironing?

Some people assume dry cleaning is a luxury, only used for wedding gowns or delicate materials, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Dry cleaners look after your finest and most delicate materials, professionally clean and iron business shirts, repair and alter, clean household furnishings and wedding dresses. A great dry cleaning service will even offer pick-up and delivery from either your home or the office.

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