How Often Should You Clean Your Doona?

It’s that wonderful time of the year, the days become longer, the sun starts to shine and we feel the desire to pencil in some social plans.

The first thing we naturally do is peel off those warm, flannel sheets. We reach into our linen cupboards and replace with light, breathable linen, so we can sleep comfortably during the warmer weather.

We’re all aware of personal hygiene and are conscious of regularly changing over our bed sheets, but what about our doonas?

Deluxe Drycleaning discuss how often you should clean your doona, so all of your bedding is fresh when you do that seasonal changeover.

Why should I wash my doona?

You’re probably thinking, why would my doona need to be washed if my quilt is covering it? Well, truth be told, your doona isn’t as clean as you think it may be. A doona which has never been washed contains dead skin, sweat, dust and bacteria… gross!

So, how often should you clean your doona? To keep your doona fresh just like the rest of your linen, it should be cleaned every few months and absolutely no longer than six.

Check manufacturer’s instructions

Before you get too excited and chuck your doona straight in the washing machine, take a good look at the manufacturer’s label. Depending on the type material your doona is made of will determine how to effectively and safely clean the doona and maintain its longevity.


It’s highly unlikely your doona will fit in your tiny washing machine without scrunching it up and causing damage. If you do manage to wash your doona at home without ruining it, the next tedious step is to dry properly!

Now, we can assure you your doona definitely won’t fit in the dryer you have at home, so it will need to be hung up on a clothesline or inside. Due to thickness and size of the doona this isn’t a quick and easy job. In the colder weather it can take days to completely dry your doona, which isn’t ideal for sleep and it’ll harbour a musky smell.

Leave it to the professionals

Taking your doona to the dry cleaners isn’t just the easiest method, but you’ll also get the best result. Dry cleaners are the professionals when it comes to cleaning doonas. They’ll check the care tag and assess the best cleaning method. Dry cleaning is gentler as it uses chemicals to clean rather than the vigorous spinning of your washing machine and detergent.

If your doona is suitable to be machine washed, your doona is in the right hands; dry cleaners have industrial sized washing machines and dryers, which are the perfect for your items like a doona. No more stuffing your doona into the washing machine at home which stresses the machine and doesn’t allow it to clean properly.

So, who do you trust with large delicate items, like a doona? Deluxe Drycleaning have over 20 years’ experience, so they have a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to all things dry cleaning. Head into Deluxe Drycleaning, located in West Footscray, to have your doona looking and feeling as fresh as the rest of your linen.


Should You Wash Or Dry Clean A Quilt?

There’s no better feeling than looking at freshly mopped floors. They really stand out and have your entire home looking polished – the same goes for wiping down a messy bench top. From a young age we are taught about germs and the need to sanitise, wash and replace things frequently. This keeps us healthy and avoids us getting sick by being exposed to bacteria and lots of other nasties.

We make a conscious effort to wash our bed linen often, but what about our quilts? We use our quilts to sleep every single night, so, when you really think about it, there’s no shock that an unwashed quilt harbours sweat, dead skin, dust and bacteria. Deluxe Drycleaning will discuss whether you should wash or dry-clean a quilt to keep your quilt clean and comfy.

How often should you clean your quilt

Even though quilts are considered to be delicate and things can go wrong if washed incorrectly that doesn’t mean you should completely avoid washing them altogether. This is especially true if you carry your quilt around the house, so you can cosy up on the couch and enjoy some Netflix.

How often you need to wash your quilt depends on whether you’re using a top sheet. If you’re guilty of skipping the top sheet when making your bed, your quilt will need to be washed more frequently. Most quilts need to be washed at least every 2-3 months to keep them nice and clean.

Challenges of washing a quilt

There’s no denying our quilts need to be washed frequently, but that doesn’t mean stuffing them into our washing machine on a regular cycle and hoping for the best. Machine washing is much more aggressive than dry cleaning, meaning you’re more at risk of colour fade, stitching becoming loose, damaging the fabric and reducing the quilt’s longevity and comfort.

Challenges of drying a quilt at home

If you manage to wash your quilt at home without damaging it, the next step is to attempt to dry it. A quilt is large and heavy, meaning it’s going to take up a lot of room, and time to successfully dry it. It could even take over a day in winter, meaning you’ll have nothing to sleep in that evening. Definitely not ideal!

Dry cleaning a quilt

Dry cleaners specialise in cleaning delicate, tricky items and are the go-to when needing to freshen up your bed quilt. Dry cleaning is a much gentler cleaning method than tradition washing, so you’re less likely to damage your beloved quilt.

You’re probably thinking you’re quilt is well overdue for a thorough clean. So, who do you trust with your nightly linen? Deluxe Drycleaning, Melbourne’s leading dry cleaning professionals. With over 20 years of experience, they specialise in dry cleaning linen, wedding dresses, delicate garments, clothing alterations and can even pick up and deliver to your home or office, for busy people on the go. Pop into their West Footscray facilities today.


Does Dry Cleaning Remove A Permanent Marker?

There’s no denying that permanent markers are super handy. You wouldn’t see a classroom, office or warehouse without one today. You can write on pretty much all surfaces with a permanent marker, making them essential for labelling CDs, marking outdoor plant-tags and writing on school uniform tags, so there are no mix ups.

But what happens when you slip and you’re left with the marker ink on clothing rather than the tag? Deluxe Drycleaning shed some light on whether dry cleaning removes permanent market.

Type of stain

A permanent marker stain falls under the dye category, which unfortunately are one of the trickier stains to remove. While dry cleaners aren’t miracle workers, they’re your best shot at removing permanent marker stains.

They’ll look at the whole picture: the type of marker, the fabric, how long the stain has been there and if there’s been any previous removal attempts. Basically, it’s a real science and they’ll use every trick up their sleave.

Dry cleaning process

So, what makes dry cleaning the go-to method of stain removal? A good dry cleaning service has a lot of experience, so they’re super familiar with all sorts of stains. They treat each garment differently, depending on the fabric to achieve the best result, rather than having a one-size-fits-all method.

A good dry cleaner has all the latest equipment including a hydrocarbon dry cleaning machine which effectively cleans the most delicate materials and have top stain removing products which can’t be purchased anywhere else.

Contrary to its name, dry cleaning isn’t a dry process. Chemical solvents are used, rather than water and detergent as they’re too harsh or less effective on particular materials such as wool, silk or velvet.

Catch it while it’s fresh

Time is of the essence here. Permanent markers are a stubborn stain so you want to get your threads to the dry cleaners ASAP. If you’re time poor, some dry cleaners offer the convenient service of pick up and delivery from either your home or office so you don’t lose any precious working time.

Avoid washing at home

We know it seems silly to not try to have a go at getting the stain out yourself before you take it to the professionals, but you’ll do more harm than good. Washing the garment runs the risk of oxidising the marker and further setting the stain in.

Avoid treating yourself

The same rule applies as above – avoid pre-treating the garment yourself. This includes using any pre-treatment stain removers, water, detergent or blotting. The best thing you can do to help it to leave it alone and take it to the pros.

Need a dry cleaning service to remove pesky stains but don’t know who to choose for the most meticulous, great-value job? Deluxe Drycleaning are Melbourne’s dry cleaning specialists, and have been since 2001. With this much experience in the dry cleaning industry, they’re your best bet to remove stubborn stains on any garment in your closet. Head into Deluxe Dry Cleaning, located in West Footscray, to have your clothes looking as good as new.


Can Dry Cleaning Remove Coffee Stains?

No matter what type of coffee drinker you are, it’s the first thing you think of in the morning, the perfect beverage to drink with friends and it’s even got your back when you’ve had a late night, but you’ve got a busy day ahead.

Coffee really is a beverage sent from the heavens above, but just like anything else, it even has its flaws, (well, flaw) and that is the dreadful stains it leaves.

\So, what do you do when you’ve got a pesky coffee stain you can’t remove? Deluxe Drycleaning share whether dry cleaning can effectively remove coffee stains.

Dry cleaning

Dry cleaning works a little differently from basic laundry. Funny enough, it isn’t a dry process. Chemical solvents are used rather than using water as a solvent.

This method of cleaning is the gold standard for delicate fabrics. It’s much gentler than a machine wash which prevents stretching, shrinkage or general damage.

If you’ve stained your clothes, you simply can’t compete with a dry cleaning service. They use state-of-the-art equipment, the highest strength products and are highly skilled industry professionals with a wealth of knowledge. Using dry cleaners take all the hassle and confusion out of removing a stain, plus, they’re best shot you’ve got to getting your garments looking fresh once again.

Identifying the stain

A coffee stain falls under the tannin stain category which are among the most common, (at least you aren’t the only one) but unfortunately are known to be stubborn. So, best to palm it off the pros.

Time is of the essence

So, the damage is done; this doesn’t mean your clothes are ruined, but it’s important to get your beloved item to the dry cleaners ASAP. The longer the stain sits, the more time is has to oxidise and permanently set in, which reduces the chance of effectively removing the stain.

Dry cleaners are the experts. They assess the stain before they commence treatment as different methods are used depending on the fabric and the type of stain. The chemical solvents used are top shelf and can’t be purchased anywhere else.

Avoid treating the stain yourself

Okay, this may seem counterproductive, but it’s so important to refrain from treating the stain yourself. We know your grandma probably has several potions she swears by, but you’re actually doing more harm than good. Even simply blotting a stain with water can hinder the removal process. Leave the stain as it is, avoid the rubbing stain with a cloth or napkin, as not only could this assist in further setting the stain, but also damaging fabric fibres.

Coffee stains are a real pain, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t going to stop drinking it. Deluxe Drycleaning have been operating since 2001, and are Melbourne’s leading dry cleaning specialists. With that much experience and highly skilled professionals, they’ve got the products, techniques and fabric knowledge to remove pesky stains to have your clothing looking pristine. Head into Deluxe Drycleaning, located in West Footscray, to have your clothes looking as good as new.


What Kind Of Clothes Need Dry Cleaning?

It can seem like we’re overloaded with so many rules and instructions these days, even for the most simple, mundane things. You may look at the tag tucked inside your favourite shirt stating ‘dry clean only’ and see it as a suggestion, rather than practical, sound advice.

When in reality, by not following this instruction, you could be slowly damaging your clothes, and not giving them the love they truly deserve. Deluxe Drycleaning, Melbourne’s dry cleaning experts, share what kind of clothes need dry cleaning so you can maintain the integrity of your beloved garments for many years to come.


Silk feels soft, smooth and gives a sophisticated finish to any outfit. Just by looking at silk you can see it’s a delicate material and requires the utmost care. Washing silk, particularly a darker shade, you can run the risk of the colour bleeding and damaging your other clothes. Always check the manufacturers recommendation, but most silk items will need to be professionally dry cleaned.

Leather and suede

Investing in suede or leather is a fantastic option as they’re timeless and never go out of fashion. However, these materials are delicate and can damage easily if not cared for properly. To preserve the feel and appearance, send leather and suede to the dry cleaner. Usually a hydrocarbon machine is used on a delicate setting to revive and maintain that soft, textured feel we love.


There’s a lot of work that goes into purchasing the perfect suit, it’s almost a science! It feels like hundreds are tried on to ensure you’re left with a decent fit. Usually, once you’ve found a winner, it’s then tailored to really give off the appearance the suit was made for you. That’s a lot of time and money spent right there! Dry cleaning a suit will ensure your suit gets a thorough, yet gentle clean and it won’t lose its shape.

Embellished items

Beading and sequins are a fabulous way to add a little pizzazz and stand out from the crowd. These materials are striking and scream opulence! Due to the detailing embellished items hold, they won’t stand a chance being washed with your normal clothes. To avoid losing beads, sequins, snag or rips leave it to the professionals to gently dry clean, so you can get many wears out of these show-stopping pieces.

If you’ve made the investment and purchased some high-quality clothes in a range of fabrics it’s important you treat them with love and care. Don’t take short-cuts, follow the manufacturer’s instructions so you can wear these staples for seasons to come.

When in doubt, visit the dedicated experts at Deluxe Drycleaning. Operating in Melbourne since 2001, they have a wealth knowledge and experience with all garment materials, alterations, wedding dresses, shirt laundering and even offer pick up and delivery. Get in contact with the team today at (03) 9689 3580 to give your clothes, no matter what material they are, some professional love.


Can Dry Cleaners Do Both Laundry And Ironing?

Laundry. It’s a never ending cycle, and just as we feel we are getting on top of it, we’re hit with an even bigger influx. Unfortunately, there’s no avoiding it. It feels like we’re constantly washing and ironing our work shirts, exercise clothes and weekend attire. Even then, due to our busy lives, we’re so often caught with limited options as we haven’t quite done our laundry in time. In this post, Deluxe Drycleaning will discuss whether dry cleaners do both laundry and ironing, helping to take the load off you a little.

Yes, they offer full scale services

Some people assume dry cleaning is a luxury, only used for wedding gowns or delicate materials, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Dry cleaners look after your finest and most delicate materials, professionally clean and iron business shirts, repair and alter, clean household furnishings and wedding dresses. A great dry cleaning service will even offer pick-up and delivery from either your home or the office.

Benefits of getting laundry done at your dry cleaners

  • Time and financial investment
    Using a dry cleaning service can actually be an investment. Think about it, how long it takes for you to wash, dry, iron and fold your shirts for work, and they’re still wrinkly. You could outsource and send it to the dry cleaners, allowing you to focus directly on work or enjoy some well-deserved downtime.
  • Extended lifespan
    On top of saving time, leaving your laundry to the professionals will actually extend the lifespan of your clothing. Dry cleaners are the experts in their field; they’ll use the correct cleaning agents and ensure the correct methods are used on each material, ensuring you’ll have many extra years of wearing your beloved items.

Benefits of getting ironing done at your dry cleaners

  • A much more polished finish
    You can absolutely tell the difference when you’ve had something dry cleaned. Your clothes smells great, look brighter and are crisp-free, without any wrinkles. Perfect if you want to be taken seriously in the office, or if you want to elevate any dressy outfit.

Sometimes, it’s best to outsource and leave it to people that are experts in their field. Using a dry cleaning service is going to give you the gift of time, so you can focus on things that really matter to you. Plus, they’re the pros, so they’ll do the best job possible, giving your clothes a sleek finished and extended lifespan.

Deluxe Drycleaning are Melbourne’s dry cleaning experts and have been since 2001. They offer a range of services including alterations, shirt laundering, stain removal and much more to take the stress out of laundry and even offer pick up and delivery. Speak to the team today at (03) 9689 3580 to give your clothes the TLC they really deserve.


What Are the Advantages of Dry Cleaning?

Ever wanted to know what all the hype’s about when it comes to dry cleaning? You’ve come to the right place. Today, we’ll outline all the advantages of dry cleaning over traditional washing, and where to get the best dry cleaning service in Melbourne.

Better for tough stains

Dry cleaning is far better than laundry at removing tough stains. Imagine the worst, most difficult stains on something like a white shirt – dry cleaning can remove oil stains, wine stains and more without any issues. Dry cleaning uses fast-drying, specialised cleaning solvents, while laundry only uses regular detergent. These solvents are more powerful than detergent, making them more effective in the stain removal department.

Better for specific delicate materials

Some materials are delicate and need to be dry-cleaned. Wool is prone to shrinking in a normal washing machine and should therefore only be cleaned by a dry cleaner. With dry cleaning, garments are washed using special cleaning agents and equipment, rather than laundry products and a washing machine. Other delicate fabrics like leather, silk, cashmere and suede are also suitable for dry cleaning as they won’t get damaged in the process.

Brighter, more colourful clothes

Clothes are brighter and more colourful when you take them home from the dry cleaner. This is due to the solvents and cleaning techniques that are employed by dry cleaners. Whites come up an incredible, pure white, and colours have an extraordinary shine to them.


Another advantage of dry cleaning is the finishing. Dry cleaned clothes have an unbeatably crisp and clean look when they leave the dry cleaners. Your dry cleaner will use their specialised pressing equipment to leave your garments shiny and wrinkle-free. Clothes that come out of the laundry, on the other hand, will need you to iron them to get a similar (but not quite as perfect) look.

Odour removal

Some stains are hard to get out, but some odours are even harder. One great advantage with dry cleaning is that your clothes will be odour-free after a trip to the dry cleaner, and will smell fresh and clean. This is also due to the solvents and cleaning expertise.

The advantages of dry cleaning are far and wide. But not all dry cleaning businesses are going to be able to perfect all of the skills mentioned above; you have to choose a highly qualified, experienced team of dry cleaners like Deluxe Dry Cleaning! For over 20 years, they’ve been Melbourne’s leading team in the dry cleaning industry, having cleaned everything from standard business shirts to designer dresses that are priced in the high thousands. With amazing prices, meticulous staff and a deep love for clean clothes, Deluxe Dry Cleaning should be the first place you call when you want the cleanest threads in town. Pop into their West Footscray facilities today.


When Should I Dry Clean My Clothes?

Dry cleaning your clothes is one of those things we probably don’t do enough – just like washing our cars or flossing our teeth (guilty). But the truth is, your clothes will thank you when you dry clean them more regularly, giving them a longer life, a more pleasant scent and a brighter, cleaner look. In this post, we’ll discuss when’s the perfect time to dry clean your clothes.

When they’re ready to be cleaned

Simple enough, right? After your clothes have been worn and they’re noticeably in need of a clean, it’s time to dry clean them. Garments like golf pants and linen shirts get dirty and sweaty quite easily, so it’s best to dry clean them after one wear. With other, less-worn garments like wool suits, sweaters, pants and other shirts may be less susceptible to getting dirty and can be worn three times without needing a dry clean – unless of course they’ve become stained.

Stained clothes

When a garment has been stained, it’s important to get it dry cleaned as soon as possible. Some stains simply won’t come out by putting the garment in the washing machine, so it’s time to call a top notch dry cleaner. The biggest mistake that people make when their shirt or pants get a stain is to leave it in the wardrobe for a few weeks. Stains can oxidise in this period of time, making it impossible for them to be removed. Get the stains out within a week by taking your clothes to the dry cleaner.

When the clothing says ‘dry clean only’

Plenty of clothes tell you to ‘dry clean only’ on their tags. Always read the label of your clothes before deciding how to wash them and if they say ‘dry clean only’, then follow that advice! You don’t want to risk ruining a piece of clothing by shrinking it or fading its colour when putting it in the wash.

When you want your clothes to look extra fantastic

Want your clothes to look absolutely faultless? Dry cleaning them is the way to go. It’s especially important to look presentable if you have a job where this is required. Suits, business shirts and pants are all garments that should be dry cleaned frequently.

When you’ve got a special event coming up

There’s no better feeling than turning up to a special event in a freshly dry-cleaned outfit. You feel confident, you look stunning and your clothes do too! Dry cleaning for an event is one of the most popular reasons to dry clean your clothes.

Want your clothes dry cleaned right now but don’t know who to choose for the most meticulous, great-value job? Deluxe Dry Cleaning are Melbourne’s dry cleaning specialists, and have been since 2001. With this much experience in the dry cleaning industry, they’ve got the techniques and fabric knowledge to clean any kind of garment in your closet. Head into Deluxe Dry Cleaning, located in West Footscray, for the cleanest threads in town.


How Dry Cleaning Can Actually Save You Money

People are sometimes reluctant to take their clothes to the dry cleaners, solely because it’s slightly costlier than a standard laundry. But with dry cleaning, what you pay for is what you get – meaning you’ll quickly find that it’s worth every cent. Aside from doing an amazing job on your batch of clothes, dry cleaners can, in many cases, save you money. How? Let’s discuss.

Extends the life of your clothes

Dry cleaning extends the life of your clothes, which is particularly important if we’re handling cherished or valuable garments. If you don’t clean your clothing often enough, or remove stains quick enough, your clothes could start looking permanently tatty. It’s the same as not cleaning your car or your home regularly enough; the longer you leave it, the harder it gets to bring it back to its original state. It’s far cheaper to invest in dry cleaning your clothes than it is to go out and replace your favourite, most valuable items.

Saves delicate pieces from being ruined

Delicate pieces are often ruined in the conventional washing machine. Materials like silk, suede, leather and wool are often not suited to a standard washing machine and dryer, and need to be dry-cleaned instead. Don’t risk ruining these delicate, expensive materials by trying to wash them in the laundry – save yourself time, money and stress by bringing them to a top quality dry cleaner!

Saves you attempting home remedies on stains

You can read up on a thousand ‘home remedies’ for stains – and yet, none of them work. There’s a science behind this: some stains are water-soluble, meaning they’re able to be removed by water and detergent, and others are solvent-soluble which can only be removed by specialised solvents. ‘Home remedies’ often force you to go to the shops, by a couple of different products and mix them together. These can either A) not work or B) even worse, exacerbate the existing stain. Why waste more money on trying to get a B-grade result, when you can save money by taking it straight to a dry cleaner?

Great deals for more items

Often, the more items you have to dry clean, the bigger discount you can get. Dry cleaners often have different deals on the number of shirts, jackets, pants or coats you bring in as a way to make it more worthwhile for you.

Dry cleaning can save you money, but you have to choose the right team of dry cleaners. For the brightest, cleanest clothes in Melbourne, visit the experts at Deluxe Dry Cleaners. They specialise in all types of garments, using their 20 years of experience to clean each and every piece of clothing to the highest standard. Pop into their West Footscray facilities today!


Which Is Better: Dry Cleaning Or Laundry?

With two different things in the same category, people are always quick to compare. Which is better? Holden or Ford? Footy or soccer? Apples or oranges? And with everything, there are advantages to each option. The same goes for dry cleaning versus laundry. It’s difficult to say which one is better, because they both have their distinct purposes. In this post, we’ll discuss the benefits of dry cleaning and laundry to give you a comprehensive view of both options.

Dry cleaning

Dry cleaning has a number of benefits over laundry. Here are a few:

Better at removing tough stains

Dry cleaning is far better than laundry at removing those tough stains. Wine, grease, cherry juice, oil – most of the time, these stains are easily removed by dry cleaning. This is because dry cleaning uses fast-drying, specialised cleaning solvents, whereas laundry only uses standard store-bought detergent. These solvents are more powerful than detergent, making them more effective in the stain removal department.

Brighter, more colourful clothes

Also due to these solvents and the special equipment that’s used in dry cleaning, your clothes will come up brighter and more colourful than when you do an ordinary load of laundry. Whites come up an incredible, pure white, and colours have an extraordinary shine to them.


Another area where dry cleaning outperforms laundry is in the finish. Dry cleaned clothes have an unbeatably crisp and clean look when they leave the dry cleaners. Your dry cleaner will use their specialised pressing equipment to leave your garments shiny and wrinkle-free. Clothes that come out of the laundry, on the other hand, will need you to iron them to get a similar (but not quite as perfect) look.


Laundry has its time and place for the everyday load of washing. Here are some benefits of cleaning your clothes in the laundry.

Convenient for everyday use

Doing a load of washing in your washing machine at home is convenient and cost-effective. Many clothes, like socks, underwear, track-pants and jumpers don’t need to be dry cleaned, and therefore a simple load of washing will do.

Fine for water-soluble stains

Some stains are water-soluble, meaning that they’re able to be treated by doing a load of washing in the laundry. Things like dirt and, sometimes, food stains can come off in the washing. But if they’re persistent, you’ll need to see a dry cleaner because these stains are solvent-soluble and will only come off with special chemicals.

While both laundry and dry cleaning have their perks, it’s clear to see that dry cleaning outperforms laundry, every day of the week. If you want the best dry cleaning service in Melbourne, head to Deluxe Dry Cleaning! With over 20 years’ experience as a team, they’ve established themselves as one of the leading dry cleaning businesses in town. Amazing results at a great price is what they do at Deluxe Dry Cleaning. Head into their West Footscray facilities today.